Transcript from Final, 2013 Termination Hearing

JUDGE MATARAZZO: I would say that my ruling speaks for itself. And I’m not going to make a specific finding of fact as to whether she was credible or not.

Wringing Off: A Birthday Letter for 2015.

Among trappers there is a phrase, “wringing off,” to describe when a trapped animal will dislocate its own joint or even chew off a limb to escape and maintain its freedom. Once trapped, that is the best worst option, and I have long found it sad but noble. This web site is in some ways my own wringing off: the least bad option I see going forward.

Lynne Carter Carter, 21 April 1944 – 8 August 1986

I did not know Lynne Carter while she was alive, and first heard of her from her daughter, Cate Carter-Evans of Shanghai.

Birthday Letter 2014

It has been almost 3000 days since you first perjured yourself to begin your 2006 civil lawsuit against me, and I am still waiting for you to terminate all residual actions from that and compensate me $23,762.92 for my direct legal costs.

Justice, Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Peace

I saw a cartoon today, which shows Nelson Mandela as a schoolteacher, sitting at a chalkboard and encouraging us to remember what he taught: (1) Justice, (2) Reconciliation, (3) Forgiveness, and (4) Peace. These should be understood in order. Without justice there is no peace.

Alanis Morissette Lyric “This Grudge”

Fourteen years
Thirty minutes
Fifteen seconds I’ve
Held this grudge…

$23,762.92 over 2658 Days, and Counting

You have done me an injustice and incurred a major moral debt, Catherine, but the chances of you realizing that are slender, so I’ll keep this brief. …. If you would like to break the connection your 2006 lawsuit has created, you may do so in three fairly simple steps.

About Infinite Twist

In the hand-spinning of textiles, fibers are often gathered together in a sort of bunch or cloud, then drawn out by hand and twisted together to form cordage or yarn. With enough fiber, one can do so indefinitely, as with a drop spindle from a distaff. In spinning a yarn this might be called an infinite twist. Infinite Twist is also the name of Cate Carter-Evans of Shanghai’s hobby business, one in a series.

Second Order Terminating and Judgement

Based on the submissions of the parties and the entire record in this action, the court concludes that respondent’s motion should be granted. …. Taking into account all of respondent’s instances of expression concerning petitioner, her counsel, and this case, the court cannot conclude that petitioner continues to suffer “reasonable apprehension”

The Madness of Cate Carter Evans, et al

Thinking some this morning about the entire sequence of Cate Carter-Evans lawsuits from 1999 forward and to what extent they constitute a “performance of gender.” This past Friday was the third time one of her restraining orders was terminated, and in court it was striking to me about how little intelligence or insight most of the parties exercised.

Second Termination at 26 April 2013 Hearing

I had expected there to be a written ruling later, given the enormous amount of evidence Andy Simrin submitted, but to my surprise a judge (for the second time!) entered a quick and decisive judgement from the bench. And for the second time, the order has been terminated, which means I shall not be looking at bankruptcy.

Memorandum of Law 24 April 2013

The Court should grant respondent’s motion for the reasons adduced in Part I of respondent’s 2009 memorandum of law, which supported the thesis in which Judge Cinniger concurred when he granted respondent’s motion. Because any subjective fear of respondent on petitioner’s part is not “objectively reasonable,”

The Matter of Marcus

Sixteen years ago today I was at Saturday Market with Kate Carter, who was looking at some things as a leather-worker flirted, heavily. Shortly we would receive a phone call from my middle brother to return to Vancouver immediately, and I would drive eighty miles per hour knowing that something had gone horribly, terribly wrong.

The Bankruptcy Bankshot

The logic of Lawyer Five became apparent this past week as Simrin’s puppy files a garnishment on my lawyer to try and seize the retainer I would use for my defense.

More Drama, Now with Delays

Except for her parents, for good or for ill, I am arguably the longest and most emotionally important relationship in her life. How is that anything but sad?

Lawyer Number Five

I told a friend about Lawyer Five and he likened her to herpes. I laughed at his understatement: It is worse. My relationship with Carter-Evans is more like hepatitis.

Order Denying Review

Upon consideration of the court. The court has considered the petition for review and orders that it be denied.

Petition for Review in Oregon Supreme Court

[The court terminating the SPO] correctly concluded that, given respondent’s nearly perfect compliance with the SPO’s letter since its issuance and its spirit long beforehand, any ongoing fear of petitioner’s was objectively unreasonable.

Response to Threats and Offers of May 2012

You’ve lived in China for years now, Kate, and still you sue. How do you think this ends?

By dollars and years you have made me one of the most important people in your life. Please stop. You need to find a different way to feel connected and important.

Carter v Bowman Proposed Settlement, 10 May 2012

Here they ask me to stipulate to a lie. Having either ignored or suborned perjury in Carter’s initial complaint of March 2006, then having maliciously impugned my character to lie about my personal history and pain in court that April, they hope I will be so naive…

Pretty Girls, Scary Men, and Gullibility

We want stories that confirm our fairytale understandings of the world more than we want truth, and the people who manipulate our media and sense of justice understand this.

And So This Is Christmas, and What Have We Done

Well Catherine,

This has certainly been an interesting year. First, you refused to vacate your gratuitous legal attack of 2006, then falsely accused me of felony burglary. When the police suggested an expensive mediation to address your fear, you agreed, then failed to appear. When this required much more expensive court action on my part, you contested. But again you failed to show such that, with your appeal, your actions shall have cost me nearly $20,000. Whatever the courts may finally decide, you owe me a significant moral debt

Falsehoods in Original Petition

My assumption for quite a while has been that Catherine Lynne Carter is not mentally well, obsessing on me for reasons that were unclear but presumably related to her own guilt, shame, or desire for attention. In light of seeming inconsistencies in her 1999 testimony and the PDNS name record, what other sort of false statements might have been made by Cate before the court?

PPDS Name Record for Carter, Catherine L

Did she call the police all the time or was I special? To my great astonishment, neither of those alleged interactions were in the basic record. Had she lied about the calls or had PPB just not recorded them? It was an odd development, to be sure.

About the Moonhare

I invoke the moon hare because the rabbit is also often a symbol of panic or fear, and the moon is associated with madness or the irrational.

Statement for Attorney Fees, et al at $12,033.93

In summary, respondent is entitled to an award of reasonable and necessary attorney fees in the sum of $10,790.00, litigation expenses in the sum of $1158.93, and a prevailing party fee in the sum of $85.00, for a total of $12,033.93.

First Signed Vacation of Order

On the motion of the Respondent to vacate the Final Stalking Protective Order and Judgment signed by Judge Steven A Todd on April 21, 2006 is vacated.

First Order Terminating and Judgment

Based on the entire record in this action, the court cannot find that petitioner continues to suffer reasonable apprehension…

Three Hearings, Three Play Lists

During the decade-long saga of Cate Carter’s fearful fixation on me, I made three CD “playlists” of songs that brought me comfort as I remembered, meditated and prepared for the unpleasant hearings and legal stupidity she had chosen.

Carter Requests Telephonic Testimony

I am in receipt of your letter dated July 22 regarding Carter v. Bowman. In that letter, you state that “[p]etitioner may offer witness testimony via telephonic testimony at the hearing.” Please take notice that, at the hearing in this matter on August 21, I will object to the presentation of telephonic testimony

Request for Admissions with Responses

26: Petitioner has never seen respondent injure another person.

27: Petitioner has never seen respondent brandish a weapon or carry a weapon in a hostile manner.

Motion to Terminate and Memorandum of Law

Following their breakup, the parties saw each other socially, but this gradually stopped. A lawyer friend of petitioner’s, Marti Dell, met respondent for coffee and told him to stay away from petitioner, without disclosing that she was speaking in a representative capacity. Tr. 11-12. Respondent, to whom petitioner had given a key to her truck, used the truck to return petitioner’s remaining possessions to her. Tr. 11-12, 29. After that, contact died out. Tr 28.

Penciled Letter after Carter Fails to Appear at Mediation

Judge Lamar,

I don’t know if you’ve ever read a book titled Gideon’s Trumpet, but a pencil figures significantly in it, and so I thought I would take a moment to write you in pencil.

Bowman Attorney Proposes Mediation

Mr. Bowman and I have had further discussions, however, and before returning to court we would like to propose an alternate solution that would be less expensive and less stressful for all parties. We would like to arrange a meeting where Ms. Carter, you, Mr. Bowman and I can gather with a professional mediator to reach a settlement that will give Ms. Carter the assurances of security she needs while freeing Mr. Bowman from the unnecessary and unjustified stigma of a formal stalking order.

This Day in Crazy

I began my day with an interesting phone call from a Portland police detective. Apparently Catherine Lynne Carter has accused me of felony burglary, and the good detective would like me to consent to a DNA swab and a polygraph. I pause to savor the richness of my situation.

Tribe K: Fair Warning

I want my reputation back. I want safety from her blackmail. I want her to stop aggrandizing herself, using the court system against me, and crying wolf in a way that hurts women who face real violence.

PPB Investigation Report 05131, Case 08093047

Ms. CARTER said that BOWMAN is a computer (Mac) technician and very proficient with computers and technology and may have done something to the DSL router in her apartment

Tribe J: Round Two

My assumptions about Kevin Balmer were fairly simple. First, I assumed he was young and naive, to post pictures of himself with a gun on the Internet like some Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold wannabe. Secondly, I assumed his change of avatar was somehow trying to send me a message

Retention Letter and Caution against Defamation

While Ms. Carter is reviewing her options, I would ask you, as her counsel, to pass on one additional word of advice. The fact that she currently has a stalking order against Mr. Bowman does not give Ms. Carter the right to defame him.

Tribe I: Invisigoth

Having done some actual stalking (the kind that involves a license and ends with a bullet and venison) I have never seen a prey animal sense danger and then announce itself. Some may bolt if approached, but first they freeze. What Carter was doing simply didn’t make sense.

Tribe H: Script-Breaking

Karpman’s drama triangle is a melodramatic soap opera with an ensemble cast and three basic roles: victim, hero, and villain.

Tribe G: Birthday Letters

A poet of modest talents on the global stage himself, her husband (Ted Hughes) was widely considered a murderer by some feminists, a complicit co-conspirator in Plath’s angelic death. Silent for decades on the matter, Hughes famously published a collection of poems just months before his own death in 1998. Titled Birthday Letters, this collection happened to highlight a personal custom of mine that began when I was fifteen.

Tribe F: The Letter Bomb

I told her that I would keep my eyes open for other small things of hers, and she specifically asked me to save a small rice bowl of hers into which she had transplanted for me the gift of a small jade plant.

Tribe E: The Dump-O-Matic

Cate Carter moved out of my place in February of 1998, inviting me to stay over at hers as late as April, jealously interrupted me and another woman in May and then visited my house for the last time in June, saying she would try to be in touch by my birthday in October.

Tribe D: Beware the Low-Rent Retail Lawyer

Having not heard from her as expected, I sent an email to announce that I would call her on Tuesday, October 13, whereupon a creepy older woman by the name of Martitia Dell decided to step in on Cate’s behalf.

Portland Police Bureau Investigation Report 0833252

Starting with an email VI received on 01/14/08 from student (W2) at Reed College that had been directed by XI to contact her (see attached email for details).

Tribe C: Apologia pro Poemate Meo

We live and die for a sense of narrative completion and fairy-stories of love are beautiful. Love and literature give us pretty stories, and as a winter sparrow may fly the length of a great feasting hall from one door to another and out again, so are we in our path through the light. From darkness to darkness we have our stories, and it is pretty to think the stories matter.

Birthday Letter to Kevin Balmer

If I do not hear from you by April 21, 2008, I shall begin my legal counter-attack and defense of my narrative as a point of honor. I take no pleasure in humiliating cripples and fools, but feel a certain pain at unanswered calumny.

Tribe B: Returning a Legal Favor

Twice she has sought a restraining order against me and while the first was denied in 1999, a second judge in 2006 granted one and told me it could later be rescinded. When I went down to the courthouse about this, though, I find this is not the case.

Tribe A: Why We Write

It is ironic that I would have left here years ago were it not for the selfish rantings of a silly, drama girl, yet here I am.

Paideia Emails and Carter’s Reaction

I have severed all ties with Reed College to protect my privacy.

Bowman Letter to Callahan Seeking Rescension

Carter has had the time and space she clearly needed, and I have paid the price in personal embarrassment and other ways for her conceited concept of herself as femme fatale and portrait of me as bogeyman.

Covers and Blankets

[I] turned around clockwise to look almost directly at CLC, who presumably also saw me.

Rory Post-Hearing Broadcast 2006

“Midway through life’s journey, I found myself in a dark wood.” – Dante

Bowman Letter to Callahan Post-Hearing

You can share what you wish of this with your client, but my plan for the next year or so is as follows:

Final Stalking Protective Order and Judgment

It is therefore ordered that Respondent is required to stop any contact with the person protected by this order, and any attempt to make contact with the person protected by this order.

Transcript of Hearing before Judge Todd

Q. What did you mean when you said, “I believe that drug use (even anti-depressants) in some sense freezes emotional and other development?”

A. Are you asking me about my own drug use?

Q. Yes I am.

A. No, I was not using drugs.

Q. What were you referring to?

A. I was making a reference to Ms. Carter, that she may or may not have paid attention to, and which I would rather not discuss in open court.

Notice to Respondent

You must appear for a hearing in Room JC2, Multnomah County Justice Center, 1120 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon at 1:15 PM on April 21, 2006. If you fail to appear at this hearing, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest and may enter a permanent Stalking Protective Order.

Temporary Stalking Protective Order 0603 03051

The court considered the allegations made.

Petition for Stalking Protective Order

Mr. Bowman has an extensive background in martial arts and a violent temper. He appears to be in an unstable mental state. I am very concerned that he is targeting my boyfriend to gain information & access to me.

Meeting with Kevin Balmer, NW Portland

I have no idea what she has told you about me, so I am presenting myself in the interests of communication.

Letter Entrusted to Balmer

Are these the lives that best honor the dead? I do not think so, and we all deserve better.

Journal Entry re Dignified Withdrawal

“By western definition yes. In other contextes she could b seen as a wild untrained shaman. Having no cultural context id say the former. Why?” SMS message from SMN sent 9:22:48am 20 Feb 2006.

Birthday Letter Attempted through Lawyer, 2006

It is time to stop being afraid.

About Invisigoth

“Invisigoth” is a character from an X-Files episode called “Kill Switch,” which originally broadcast on February 15, 1998.  The eleventh episode of the fifth season, it was written by Tom Maddox and science fiction author William Gibson. Watching it also happened to be the last regular “family” activity Carter and Bowman took part in before […]

Birthday Letter 2003

Happy birthday, Catherine Lynne, wherever you may be.

Transcript of First Hearing as threatened by Marti Dell

I feel like my things of great value that belong to me and were taken without my permission. And it disturbs me. The most basic personal property is my body and beyond that the things that belong to a person are theirs. If you can violate my personal property to the point of taking my car, I don’t know where things could escalate to, but I feel they are escalating.

Email Exchange re Requested Property

I take it that your below email means you have nothing to say to me. Such is life; negative results are results. Thanks for at least acknowledging receipt.

The Dump-O-Matic

In combination with Microsoft’s Pencil Wizard we think you can quickly and sincerely communicate your deepest feelings to those you once loved (or perhaps loved under emulation).

Journal Response to Marti Dell’s Threat

Met with Marti last night about Kate and she was pompous, heavy-handed and unskilled, getting angry with me and grossly miscalculating where I was and what I was about.

Transparency re Email w Marti Dell

I don’t know what your state of mind is or what you have told Marti, but in the interest of transparency, following are the messages she and I exchanged recently. She has graciously agreed to meet with me for coffee this Sunday.

Fairly Typical Email Exchange Sep 1998

I’m shedding stuff again, and I was wondering if you would want my rice cooker.